Clearscore Score Bands - What Do They Mean? 2023 (2023)


In 2021, Clearscore changed their credit score bands. There are now five Clearscore score bands, ranging from poor to excellent. Let me explain what this means for you...

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Last updated on 27 February 2023

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  1. What is the difference between Clearscore and Equifax? Jump
  2. What are the New Clearscore Bands UK?Jump
  3. What are the Clearscore Bands Value on the 0 – 1000 Scale?Jump
  4. The Clearscore Band ChangesJump
  5. What is a Good Clearscore UK?Jump
  6. What is a Good Credit Score UK?Jump
  7. Why is Clearscore So LowJump
  8. Why Has My Clearscore Rating Gone Down?Jump
  9. How Can I Improve My Clearscore Band?Jump
  10. What is the Highest Clearscore Score?Jump
  11. What Clearscore Score Bands Mean to YouJump

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There are five Clearscore score bands, ranging from poor to excellent. Clearscore score bands changed in November 2021. The change was to fall in line with the new 1000 Equifax credit score system and banding, released in April 2021. Previously, Clearscore was out of 700, now it’s out of 1000.

You may have discovered your credit score number is higher than before. This doesn’t mean your credit score has improved necessarily, it’s just a higher number because of the new scale.

Read on to learn more about the new Clearscore bands. In this article I’ll be sharing detail on each band and what they mean to you and your credit score and borrowing. I’ll also be sharing information on how to improve on low Clearscore bands.

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What is the difference between Clearscore and Equifax?

Equifax is one of the three main credit reference agencies in the UK. ClearScore is not a credit reference agency. Rather, ClearScore provides users with access to the data that Equifax holds on them, free of charge.

What are the New Clearscore Bands UK?

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Before April 2021, Equifax had a credit score scale out of 700. Additionally, Equifax used five rating bands, which helped you to understand how good or bad your credit score was. These bands were as follows:

  1. Very Poor
  2. Poor
  3. Fair
  4. Good
  5. Excellent

As of April 2021, Equifax UK credit scores are no longer measured according to the scale above. Equifax now provides ratings out of 1000. They also changed the credit score bands, eliminating the use of the Very Poor label and introducing Very Good. The new band ratings are:

  1. Poor
  2. Fair
  3. Good
  4. Very Good
  5. Excellent

These are the new Clearscore bands that are now in place. Each band has a different value assigned to it out of the 0-1000 scale. They are a way of describing your credit score in simple terms. Knowing the Clearscore band your credit score falls into is a great starting point when trying to improve your credit rating.

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What are the Clearscore Bands Value on the 0 – 1000 Scale?

Let’s go through each new Clearscore band and where they fall in the 0-1000 scale.

  • Poor – 0-438
  • Fair – 439 – 530
  • Good – 531 – 670
  • Very Good – 671-810
  • Excellent – 811-1000

The Clearscore Band Changes

The key changes made to Clearscore bands mean:

  • There is no longer a Very Poor credit score band
  • Many people who were in the Poor band before are now in the Fair band
  • The Good band is larger than it was and so more people will find themselves in it
  • The Excellent band is split into 2, Very Good and Excellent. Some people who were in the old excellent band will find themselves in the Very Good band.

You may have found yourself in a different Clearscore band. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your credit score has improved. It’s simply because of the new Clearscore score range.

For example, before November 2021 a credit score of 278 fell into the Very Poor Clearscore band. After 2021, the same 278 score fell into the Poor Clearscore band. The credit rating hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed is the name of the band that the score now falls into.

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What is a Good Clearscore UK?

You need a Clearscore rating between 531 and 670 to fall into the Good Clearscore score band. Having a good credit score is beneficial as it helps you to obtain credit at better rates. Having a poor credit score doesn’t always mean obtaining credit is impossible. However, the deals you get on your credit products will come with higher interest rates.

What is a Good Credit Score UK?

What is considered to be a good credit score in the UK depends on the credit reference agency used. According to Experian, a score between 881 to 960 is good. Whereas, a good Equifax UK credit score is between 670 and 739 is good. However, lenders in the UK tend to consider individuals with credit scores higher than 670 as fairly low risk.

Why is Clearscore So Low

After the new Clearscore score bands were released, some people discovered they had fallen into a new, lower band. For example, an individual with a credit score of 420 was Good in the old banding system. The same credit score of 420 now lands the individual in the Poor band. This can come as quite a shock, especially for those who have actively worked on improving their score.

Remember, just because the name of the band you fall into has changed, your credit score remains the same. Therefore, lenders will not see your score any differently. They will have the same thoughts about your credit record as they did before, regardless of the label the new Clearscore band gives you.

Why Has My Clearscore Rating Gone Down?

Your Clearscore credit rating may have dropped for a number of reasons. The most common reasons for a drop in your credit rating are:

  1. Late or missed payments.
  2. A change in your credit limit.
  3. Expensive purchases.
  4. An application for new credit (e.g., a new credit card, loan, or mortgage).
  5. Closed or cancelled credit cards.

How Can I Improve My Clearscore Band?

The most important factor in your credit rating is your credit history. This is what is used to come up with your score. Improving your credit history does take time, but following the tips I share below is a great place to start:

  1. Make all payments on time and don’t miss a payment. Pay everything on time whether it’s your phone bill, water bill or credit card payment. Missed payments are worse than later ones, but late ones do harm your credit score too.
  2. Remove your ex-partner from your credit history if you’re no longer financially connected
  3. Use your credit responsibly and pay on time to build trust with lenders
  4. Check your credit score to ensure it is correct
  5. Don’t apply for lots of credit products in a short period
  6. Ensure you’re on the electoral register
  7. Try to keep your credit card balances below your credit limits

Work with debt advisors, especially when struggling with debts. They can help you to work out agreements with lenders and potentially avoid CCJs or bankruptcy, which can seriously affect your credit rating for many years. I have some useful articles on how to deal with debt and the threat of CCJs, have a read if this is a present concern.

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What is the Highest Clearscore Score?

The highest Clearscore score is 1000. A score between 811 and 1000 places you in the Excellent Clearscore band. A credit score at this level will help you to get the best credit terms when borrowing.

What Clearscore Score Bands Mean to You

Knowing your Clearscore score band is a great way of helping you to understand the health of your credit rating.

  • Clearscore uses the same scale and rating as Equifax.
  • The Clearscore score ranges from 0 to 1000.
  • Your credit history determines your score and the band that score will fall into on the scale.

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